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As prices rise so do stress levels. We can cut all sorts of things from the family budget in order to stay afloat – but some things we can't do without. Electricity, gas and water are essential expenses.
Make the big power players fight for your patronage. Imagine presenting 10,000 power bills and making them fight over who can offer a better deal.
What does it cost you?
Absolutely nothing – if we can get you a better price, we will – but if not you haven't lost anything. You can only win.
So! What`s the catch?
There is no catch.....Registering is FREE....but NOT Registering could cost you a lot!
What next?
Register to the right!

Commercial | No more shocking bills

If there was a way to lower your annual utility expenses, you would want to know about it, right?

People Power Australasia owner, Dimitri Katsimberis did and he discovered the answer was surprisingly simple. Getting households and businesses together – forming a large pool of customers – increased bargaining power.

He said:"Pooling customer bills enabled People Power Australasia to negotiate with power suppliers with a single voice. This “big” order is then used to get a bulk discount".
This way even small businesses, other buying groups and body corporates will be able to get rates usually reserved for large corporations.
All you need to benefit from People Power is a power bill and a desire to save money. Then all you have to do is:
Register  to the right  and PeoplePower will get working for you.
As an electrical engineer, Mr Katsimberis said he also felt frustrated with quarterly billing calculated using an average and not an actual meter reading.
He also felt tired of being helpless when he had to contest his bill with the Energy providers and they were busy giving him the "run around" and transfering him from department to department.
“I knew most meters are electro-mechanical and need annual calibrations to remain accurate, but no-one has been doing that.”
So he investigated ways to make future energy accounts as accurate as possible.
“If a business is able to monitor its energy usage, it can measure and manage the amount of energy expended.”
"This along with increased bargaining power can have a significant effect on a company's bottom line," he said.
He also set about implementing a pay-as-you-go monitor for Australian energy users – business and residential.This takes the budgeting an bill suprise worries away.
This monitor is no different to an alarm panel in size and can be placed anywhere within the premises. The monitor itself is not new technology – it is used worldwide with Australasia being one of the few countries not benefiting from this technology.
The monitor not only allows households and businesses to see in real time how much they use, it also arms them with accurate readings ensuring correct billing from energy companies and holding them more accountable.

REGISTER NOW! It will cost you nothing and could SAVE you BIG!

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