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As prices rise so do stress levels. We can cut all sorts of things from the family budget in order to stay afloat – but some things we can't do without. Electricity, gas and water are essential expenses.
Make the big power players fight for your patronage. Imagine presenting 10,000 power bills and making them fight over who can offer a better deal.
What does it cost you?
Absolutely nothing – if we can get you a better price, we will – but if not you haven't lost anything. You can only win.
So! What`s the catch?
There is no catch.....Registering is FREE....but NOT Registering could cost you a lot!
What next?
Register to the right!

Domestic | Power in your pocket

"Ensure accuracy and take control of your energy bills..."

Electricity, gas and water bills are soaring and three figure quarterly bills are hitting residents where it hurts most – the hip pocket.
The problem is energy bills are essential expenses and not something that can easily be done without. Consumers can now join and get the PeoplePower negotaition advantage, where we all get together, create a big bill and negotiate with energy suppliers with the same "might" as the big corporations.

Electrical engineer, Dimitri Katsimberis - like the average energy user - felt frustrated whenever he received a bill calculated using an average and not an actual meter reading. “I got big bills...about $1,500 - and couldn't tally them to the actual meter reading,” Mr Katsimberis said. “As an electrical engineer, I knew most meters are electro-mechanical and need annual calibrations to remain accurate, but no-one has been doing that.” With his large bills worked out using just an average, Mr Katsimberis investigated ways to make his future energy accounts less and as accurate as possible.
" I thought that if I could get a lot of people's energy bills together and negotiate as one, and then also find an accurate energy monitoring tool, it would enable us all to save "big" on our energy bills. I started looking and found a solution that had already been used all over the world in over 200 countries” he said. The solution is actually very simple...
“If you could "Monitor" you could "Measure" and hence "Manage" the amount of energy you use. At present very few people know exactly how much energy they consume on a daily basis. If they had a visual and accurate way to monitor this, in their homes, they would be better equiped and able to control their daily usage”.
Mr Katsimberis set about bringing this pay-as-you-go monitor to Australian energy users and has successfully implemented this among close friends and family members. This device is in the form of an electricity monitor similar to an alarm panel in size that can be placed anywhere within the home. The monitor itself is not new technology – it is used worldwide with Australasia being one of the few countries not yet availing itself to the technology.

The monitor not only allows households to see in real time how much they use, it also allows them to budget, to manage their bills and also arms them with accurate readings ensuring incorrect billing from energy companies no longer goes un-noticed and can now actually be contested.

REGISTER NOW! It will cost you nothing and could SAVE you BIG!

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