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As prices rise so do stress levels. We can cut all sorts of things from the family budget in order to stay afloat – but some things we can't do without. Electricity, gas and water are essential expenses.
Make the big power players fight for your patronage. Imagine presenting 10,000 power bills and making them fight over who can offer a better deal.
What does it cost you?
Absolutely nothing – if we can get you a better price, we will – but if not you haven't lost anything. You can only win.
So! What`s the catch?
There is no catch.....Registering is FREE....but NOT Registering could cost you a lot!
What next?
Register to the right!

Energy Companies | Client a winner

Let's face it – when customers pay less and not more – its a win-win situation. They save money and your reputation gets bumped up a notch or two. Happy customers also spread good news and the result? Well, the company scores more customers.
If you are an energy company that is willing to help and negotiate with Peoplepower then we would like to hear from you.
All you need to do is Register on the right and we will be sure to contact you.
Let's look at your services for a moment. Basically, you gather as many energy users as possible, combine their accounts as one, and then you buy electricity in bulk. Well, we can help you increase this bulk by doing this a lot more efficiently.
Also, where are you getting the figures from? Bills received by consumers are often tallied using an average. When it comes to accuracy, even a small adjustment can mean a significant amount of money when bills are pooled. We can also eliminate this for you together with the need for manual reading.
People Power Australasia owner and electrical engineer, Dimitri Katsimberis, said frustration with inaccurate quarterly billing saw him seek a solution .
He investigated ways to make future energy accounts as accurate as possible, saying that: “If a business is able to monitor its energy usage, it can measure and manage the amount of energy expended.”
This control is particularly helpful when it comes to companies already set up as a pooling resource for clients. Instaling accurate utility monitoring devices with the ability to pay-as-you-go, ensures not only accurate billing but a lower overall dollar amount – giving end users and suppliers something to really smile about.
There are also numerous buildings where energy output (electricity, water and gas) metering, on an individual unit basis has not been implemented. Utilising sub-meters ensures control by the end user of their energy output.
Energy companies also benefit when control over expenditure is placed in the energy user's hands due to a reduction in the number of accounts falling into arrears and resources used to correspond with those battling to pay.

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